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KSS SM Vocab 10

SM Vocab 10

ISOTONIC Dynamic;An isotonic contraction is amuscular contraction inwhich the muscle fiberschange in length resulting inmovement of the adjoiningbody parts; Muscle workswith a change in musclelength; Concentric -shortening; Eccentric-lengthening
ISOMETRIC Static; Contraction of muscle without movement; muscular contraction where muscle fibers don't shorten in length; results in no movement of adjoining body parts; Muscle works with no change in length; Builds static strength, not dynamic strength
ISOKINETIC Dynamic; A form of isotonic exercise in which maximum resistance is provided through the full range of movement; Muscle works with a change in muscle length and controlled speed; Requires an accommodatingresistance device
JOCK ITCH An irritated area between the legs complicated by fungus infection
“JOINT MICE” Particles or loose bodies within a joint caused by fragmentation of joint surfaces or structures
KINESIOLOGY The study of human movement
LACERATION A cut or tear of skin or other body tissues usually accompanied by bleeding
LATERAL Away from the midline of the body, toward the side
LESION A wound or injury
LIGAMENT A band of non-elastic, tough connective tissue connectingthe articular ends of thebones; frequently thestabilizing element of thejoint and joint capsule
LUMBOSACRAL Referring to the area of the back where the lumbar andsacral areas are in contact;the “small” of the back
LUMBAR Referring to the lowest partof the spine
LUXATION Dislocation
MALLEOLUS Distal tibia or fibula
MALLEOLI Plural of malleolus
Created by: SK Ath Med