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1st 9Weeks Review

If you took two class in a semester, how many credit hours would you obtain? 6
When making an academic resume, what should the order of the information include? contact information, objective, education, experience, and skills.
In an academic resume, the education and experience should be in what order? reverse chronological order
What do you focus on besides the published price for college tuition? The net price
When attending college, not only do yo have to worry about the cost of tuition you also have to pay for fees, books. meal plans, housing, transportation, and personal expenses
What is the yearly books and supplies in-state estimate for the average full-time undergraduate student at a four-year public college? $1,298
How likely are you able to get accepted into college? Very likely, only fewer than 100 colleges in the U.S. are highly selective.
Who should you keep in contact with after you've been awarded a scholarship? Scholarship administrator
What can yo do to make sure you are prepared to take the SAT? Take challenging courses, study, and take the PSAT
What are some benefits of taking the SAT? Scholarship recognition, and college application fee waivers.
Depending on the university you're applying to, what part of the SAT will be optional? the essay
What is the highest score you can receive on the SAT? 1600
Should you take any SAT subject test? depends on the college requirements
If you take the SAT junior year and receive a 1450 then take it again Senior year and scored a 1400, which score will colleges accept? Why? 1450 because they accept the highest score
To get a better idea of who you are, colleges consider many factors. What do these factors include? types of classes, extra curricular activities, recommendation letters, and college essay.
how many colleges should you apply to? it is recommended to apply to 5-8 colleges
The law requires all entering college students in Texas to be assessed for college readiness in reading, math, and writing. What test am I? TSI
What website can I use to apply to colleges in Texas? applytexas.org
What does SEOG stand for? Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
What does the acronym FAFSA stand for? Free Application For Federal Student Aid
What information is requested when you complete your FAFSA? Social Security - Tax Returns -Marital Status - Citizenship Status - Selective Service Registration (Male)
What is the difference between Grants and Scholarships? Grants are given on the basis of needs while scholarships are based on either need/and or outstanding achievements.
What are Work Study Program wages based on? Federal Minimum Wage Guidelines
Why is it important to focus on the Net Price and not on the Sticker Price? Students pay less than their college's sticker price, Thanks to Financial Aid.
Where can you find a personalized estimate of the Net Price for the college you're planning to attend? A Net Price calculator
When do you take the SAT for the first time? Spring semester of Junior year
True or False: Work Study students have to be enrolled at least half-time and show progress in their studies True
What's Financial Aid? Money used to help you pay for college (grants, scholarships, work programs, and student loans)
What equals Financial Need? Cost of education MINUS expected family contribution = financial need
True or False: Financial Aid is given on the basis of need True
How is a student's eligibility to receive Financial Aid calculated? By a process called Need Analysis
What is a student loan and to who is it available to? Loans are Financial Aid available to both parents and students
What is one example of demonstrating Financial Need? If your education will cost more than you are able to pay
How often do you need to renew your FAFSA? Every year
When should you apply for FAFSA (at the latest)? October 31st
What is a refund check? Money left over from any aid that has been accepted
If a loan is absolutely necessary, which is better; Direct subsidized Loan, or Direct Unsubsidized Loan? Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
If you are wealthy and planning to attend college, does that mean you cannot apply for Financial Aid? No. You can apply for Financial Aid no matter your income
Why is getting a private loan bad? Because they have high interest rates, not regulated by the government, and they do not have fixed interest rates.
Created by: dcontr08