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Health and Wellness

Ch 17 Personal Finance

Body Composition The proportion of muscle, bone, fat, and other tissue that make up body weight
Walk-in Clinic A health care facility that provides certain routine medical attention
Dietary Supplement A product that is intended to enhance a person's diet.
Hypoallergenic A type of product that does not contain ingredients likely to cause allergic reactions
Primary care physician A doctor trained to diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses in all phases of medicine
Specialist A physician who has had further education and training in a specific branch of medicine
Prescription drug A medication that can only be obtained with a physician's orders
Over-the-counter drug A nonprescription medication available on supermarket and drug store shelves
Generic drug A drug sold by its common name, chemical composition, or class
Physical fitness A state in which all body systems function efficiently
True Renting equipment is often a good idea when beginning a costly new sport or hobby
True Patients should keep accurate medical records, including medical identification, histories, and bills
False Alternative medical practices do not include acupuncture, herbal remedies, and massage
True Smart travelers begin their vacation planning at the library or online
True The best time to choose a physician, dentist, and other health care professionals is before you need one
True A podiatrist treats minor foot ailments
False An acute care facility is a hospital that provides continuing care for chronic or ongoing illness
True It is advisable to check with your health care provider before relying heavily on alternative treatments
False Patients should take drugs and medicines prescribed by their physicians without asking a lot of time-consuming questions
True Labels on drugs and cosmetics must carry warnings and adequate directions for safe use of any products that may be hazardous if misused
True Smoking increases health care costs
True The FDA has the authority to ban cosmetic products that are unsafe or misbranded
True Electrical grooming appliances should carry the Underwriters Laboratories symbol that tells you that the appliances meet standards for electrical safety
False Package vacations eliminate the need to investigate travel plans and accommodations on your own
True Many websites enable you to make complete and detailed travel and vacation plans and reservations
Walking Which of the following activities is the least expensive?
Do my friends use it? When buying a cosmetic pr grooming aid, consider all except which of the following questions:
Supported by patient fees, contributions, and endowments A nonprofit hospital is___
All of the above When consumers experience a serious adverse reaction to a cosmetic product, they should___
A passport An official government authorization for travel to foreign countries that serves as proof of identity and citizenship is ___
Has had additional education and training in a particular branch of medicine or dentistry A specialist in health care is a medical professional who ___
Insured against malpractice lawsuits All of the following are qualifications to consider when choosing health care professionals EXCEPT___
An emphasis on physical activity as a part of a safe weight-loss program False claims in the fitness and weight loss field include all of the following EXCEPT ___
The manufacturer's trade secrets What information is NOT required by law on cosmetic labels?
Return it to the seller or manufacturer and ask for a refund If you are dissatisfied with a cosmetic or it does not meet specific advertising claims, you should ___
The safety of this product has not been determined When cosmetic manufacturers do NOT test a product for safety, which warning must they place on the label?
1.) Is it habit forming? 2.) Side effects? 3.) Non prescription? 4.) Is it necessary? List four questions to ask when a doctor prescribes medication for you.
1.) Cost? 2.) Length 3.) Size of tour group 4.) Who is going to be there? 5.) Available options List five pieces of information you should know before signing up for a vacation package or group tour.
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