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Dental Handpieces

Dental Handpieces and Accessories

In what decade were dental handpieces introduced? 1940's
The high-speed handpiece operates from __________ pressure. air
Which handpiece operates at speeds up to 450,000 rpm? high-speed handpiece
At what speed does the low-speed handpiece operate? 10,000 - 30,000 rpm
Which handpiece can operate both forward and backward? low-speed handpiece
What type of handpieces are most effective when used for sealants and external stain removal? air abrasion
What are restorative burs made from? tungsten carbide
What is a mandrel? metal shaft on which sandpaper disks are mounted
The prophylaxis angle attaches to which type of handpiece? low-speed
What is the most commonly used bur in the dental laboratory? acrylic bur
What type of materials are used to finish and polish esthetic materials? finishing burs, sandpaper disks and cuttlebone point
What type of rotary instrument helps to shorten prep time, increase cutting ability and have a metal base with flecks of industrial diamonds? diamond rotary instruments
The latch-type shank fits into ___________________________ for a __________________ handpiece. contra-angle; low-speed
Which handpiece uses a beam of light to cauterize soft tissue and vaporize decayed tooth structure? laser handpiece
How does an ultrasonic handpiece function? uses mechanical, radiant water energy and sound vibrations to create a pulsating effect
What does the pulsating effect on the tooth surface accomplish? removal of calculus and decay
A finishing bur has fewer blades than a restorative bur. T or F False, it has MORE blades
Abrasive rotary instruments are the most varied category of rotary instruments. T or F True
Define bur. rotary instrument that has a sharp cutting head
What type of bur is used to remove decay during tooth preparation? round bur
Which shaped diamond rotary instrument provides access to the pulp chamber? round-shaped
How is a dental handpiece prepared for use between patients? it MUST be sterilized
A dental handpiece is a semi-critical instrument. T or F False, it is a CRITICAL instrument
What are ultrasonic instruments used for? scaling
What particles are delivered through a small probe of an air abrasion handpiece to remove tooth structure? aluminum oxide
What does torque mean? twisting and turning force
A _______________________________ handpiece has the greatest torque. laboratory
Which type of handpiece offers pain-free treatment? laser
Created by: jmcpartland