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Module 11 Vocab

Apologia Marine Biology

Coral reef communities generally found on the continental shelf, but not located in all parts of the world
reef builders organisms that actually produce the reef structures
reef inhabitants organisms that live in & around the reef structures
coralline algae an organism that helps on reef building by growing over & trapping fine, soft sediments that could hamper coral growth
Alcyonaria subclass that includes soft corals, sea fans, & sea pens
Zoantharia subclass that includes stony corals, false corals, & black corals
Cnidaria phylum that includes corals, jellyfish, sea anemones, & hydra
Anthozoa class that contains coral
polyp an attached cnidarian stage, appearing sac-like or barrel-like
nematocysts defensive cells on tentacles that contain coiled, harpoon-like filaments which can be expelled to stun prey
corallite a cup-shaped calcium skeleton that surrounds each polyp
septa a series of sharp ridges radiating from the center of the corallite cup
columella central projections from the floor of a corallite cup
coenosarc a thin layer of living tissue between corallite cups produced by budding
fringing reef a type of coral reef that forms as a border along the coast
barrier reef a type of coral reef that occurs at a distance from the coast
atoll a ring of coral reefs with steep outer slopes, enclosing a shallow lagoon
obligate cleaners cleaners that rely on cleaning as their only source of food
facultative cleaners cleaners that have other sources of food & use cleaning as a supplemental food supply
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