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Frankenstein Test

Frankenstein End of Book Test

Creator of the creature Victor Frankenstein
Was killed on the wedding night Elizabeth Lavenza
Victor's BFF Henry Clerval
Recipient of letters from her brother Margaret Saville
Arctic explorer Robert Walton
William Frankenstein Youngest member of Frankenstein family
Justine Moritz Wrongly executed of murder
Mary Shelley Author of the novel, Frankenstein
Felix DeLacey Betrays monster
Ingolstadt Where Victor attended college
Alphonse Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein's father
Geneva Location of Frankenstein home
North Pole The novel begins and ends here
Scotland Frankenstein went here to create a female creature
Alps Mountains where Victor and monster talk
Why Walton has sailed far fame and glory
The subject Victor was interested in as a little boy science
Victor's mother died of this Scarlet Fever
How did Victor get a step-sister? She was adopted
What two things was the creature made of? body parts and animal parts
What is a problem that Victor has at college? He spends little time with humans
How does Victor react when the creature is born? He reacts with horror and fear
What evidence incriminates Justine for murder? a miniature
Why does Victor fall into depression after Justine is executed for being a murderer? He feels responsible for the crime of which she is accused
When did Felix meet Safie? While planning her father’s escape from jail
The creature saved a girl from drowning
Why did the creature believe he could approach DeLacey even though he could not approach other humans? DeLacey was blind
What is Victor's greatest fear if there were two creatures? They would produce children
The people who met Victor on the beach thought that he might be a Murderer
What happens on the night of Victor's wedding? The creature kills Elizabeth
After Elizabeth is killed, what does Victor promise to do? To destroy the creature himself
Both Victor and the creature are ... Are obsessed by revenge
Before Victor dies he asks Walton to kill the creature if Walton gets the chance
What is the moral conflict Walton experiences when his boat is stuck in ice? Should he turn Victor into the police for breaking the law?
The creature's destiny (end) is To end his life
Which is a common trait among Victor, Walton, and the creature? They all were separated from their fellow men
What trait was different between Victor and Henry? Henry remained connected to mankind while Victor did not
How does the monster learn to speak? By listening to Felix teach Safie his language
How is the monster treated for saving a girl from drowning? He is shot
Why doesn’t Victor protect his wife, Elizabeth, from the monster’s attack on the night of their wedding? He misunderstands the monster’s warning
What are two morals this book might teach? Revenge is destructive and no one should be alone in the world
Name two characteristics of Gothic literature. It takes place in desolate places and the setting is where most people are unfamiliar
What introduces Victor to the study of electricity? A violent thunderstorm
Created by: tobiashersey