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Parasitology Exam 1

What makes entamoeba species unique from other species? Peripheral chromatin
What entamoeba species is the only pathogen? E. Histolytica
What is the smallest entamoeba species? E. Hartmanni (8-12) Troph (5-12) Cyst
What's unique about E. Coli Many nuclei (16+)
What is different from E. Histolytic than E. dispar E. Histolytic has RBC inclusions
What entamoeba species has their patient sample as mouth scrapings and vaginal/cervical material E. Gingivalis
What patient specimen is most common for entamoeba species Stool
What entamoeba species contains WBC inculsions E. gingivalis
What species don't have a cyst form? Trichomonas vaginalis, Trichomonas hominis, Naegleria fowleri, Acanthamoeba, dientoemba fragalis
What species has a large glycogen vacuole Iodamoeba butschlii
Is endolimax nana pathogenic? No
Is iodamoeba butschlii pathogenic? No
Is naegleria fowleri pathogenic? Yes. Causes meningoencephalitis, rapid tissue destruction with fever, vomiting, stiff neck, seizures, kernels sign, and death within 3-6 days
Is acanthamoeba pathogenic? Yes. Causes granulomatous amebic encephalitis with CNS infection, headaches, seizures and also causes acanthamoeba keratitis - infection of the cornea can result in loss of vision
Which species has spikelike pseudopodia? Acanthomoeba
Which ameba has 3 morpholigcal forms? Name them. Naegleria fowleri. Troph, flagelette, cyst
Name the flagellates. Giardia intestinalis, chilomastix mesnili, trichomonas vaginalis, trichomonas tenax, trichomonas hominis, dientamoeba fragalis, balantindium coli
Which species cyst form has a "shepards crook"? Chilomastix mesnili
Which flagellates are not pathogens? trichomonas tenax, trichomonas hominis, chilomastix mesnili
Which trichomonas species has a full body length undulating membrane? Trichomonas hominis
Which trichomonas species has a half body length undulating membrane? Trichomonas vaginalis
Which trichomonas species has a 2/3 body length undulating membrane? Trichomonas tenax
Which flagellate is the largest? Balantidium coli
What does balantidium coli move with? Cilia
What parasite causes travelers diarrhea? giardia intestinalis
This parasite has a macro and micro nuclei Balantidium coli
E. Histolytica nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 4
E. Dispar nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 4
E. Hartmanni nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 4
E. Coli nueclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 16+
E. Polecki nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 1
E. Gingivalis nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = no known stage
Endolimax nana nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 4
Iodamoeba butschlii nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 1
Naegleria fowleri nuclei # Troph = 1
Acanthamoeba nuclei # Troph = 1, Double-walled cyst = 1
Giardia intestinalis nuclei # Troph = 2, Cyst = 4
Chilomastix mesnili nuclei # Troph = 1, Cyst = 1
Trichomonas tenax nueclei # Troph = 1
Lemon-shape with hyaline knob Chilomastix mesnili cyst
Dientomoeba fragilis nuceli # Troph = 2
Trichomonas hominis nuclei # Troph = 1
Trichomonas vaginalis nuclei # Troph = 1