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Dental Hand Instruments DCTS

The basic setup is composed of which instruments? mouth mirror, double-ended explorer, cotton pliers
Dental hand instruments are set up on tray in what order? left to right
What do examination instruments allow the operator to do? inspect the health of the oral cavity thoroughly
Hand instruments that have one handle, two shanks and two working ends are known as what type of instrument? Double-ended instrument
What are the three basic parts of a hand instrument? handle, shank, working end
Must dental hand instruments be able to withstand sterilization procedures? yes, that is true!
Pliers and forceps are often referred to by ______________ rather than by name. number
Impression spatulas, cement, scissors,amalgam wells, dappen dishes and Howe pliers are what type of instruments? accessory instruments
What type of instruments are placed on the tray after the hand-cutting instruments? restorative
What does the hand-cutting instrument, the excavator, used for? to manually remove decayed tooth structure
What does the hand-cutting instrument, the hatchet, used for? to plane off unsupported enamel in the axial walls of the proximal box of a tooth preparation
What is the purpose of restorative instruments? place, condense and carve dental materials
What is a composite placement instrument made from? Teflon or anodized aluminum
The color-coding system makes ________________ more efficient and convenient. organization of instruments and supplies
What does TACTILE mean? sense of touch or feeling
What are the uses of the mouth mirror? indirect vision, light reflection, cheek retraction and soft tissue protection
Which instrument transports triturated amalgam to a cavity prep? amalgam carrier
What type of instruments are the T-ball, football, acorn and beavertail? burnishers
Which instruments are placed on the far left of a tray setup? restorative
When are trays placed in a treatment area? before the patient is seated
What formula is used to represent an instrument? G.V. Black's
Which two basic setup instruments can be transferred simultaneously? explorer and mouth mirror
From where does a Hollenback carver remove excess dental materials? interproximal surfaces
Which instrument measures the depth of a periodontal pocket? periodontal probe
What item can be used to check a patient's bite? articulating paper
Crown and bridge ______________________ are most often associated with restorative dental procedures. scissors
What part of an explorer can be described as thin and wirelike? working end
An amalgam condenser is also known as _________________. plugger
The order of instruments on an amalgam tray setup are examination, hand-cutting, _______________________. restorative
What part of the instrument attaches the handle to the working end? shank
Created by: jmcpartland