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Te Reo 3 - Wahi

What and where things are, commands

Te ReoEnglish
He aha? What is?
Tēnei/enei This/these
Tēnā/ēnā That/those
Tērā/ērā That/those over there
Arewhana Elephant
Panana Banana
Hōiho Horse
Mōwhiti Glasses
Pene Pen
Potae Hat
Pākete Bucket
Manu Bird
E hia ngā ? How many?
Tokohia ngā ? How many (people)?
Kore/korekau None
Kei hea? Where?
Runga Up/on
Raro Down
Mua Front
Muri Back
Roto In
Waho Out
Waenganui In between
Te taha matou Right hand side
Turu Chair
Te taha maui Left hand side
Kapu Cup
Pukapuka Book
Aporo Apple
Tepu Table
Kuri Dog
Kiore Rat
Ipu Glass
Kapata Cupboard
Paeoro Ball
Mapi Mop
Putiputi Flower
Whare House
Rakau Tree
Wahine Woman
Tane Man
Mangō Shark
Ngeru Cat
Whakarongo Listen
Titiro Look
Mai Towards
Atu Away
Ake Upward
Iho Downward
E tū Stand up
E noho Sit down
E oho Wake up
E kai Eat
Kia tere Be quick
Kia tupato Be careful
Kia tika Be correct
Korero Speak
Taihoa Wait
Homai Give to me
Hoatu Give away
Moe Sleep
Haere atu Go away
Neke mai Move closer
Heke ihu Get down
Hoki mai Come back
Haere mai Come here
Titiro atu Look away
Titiro mai Look here
Whai Chase
Piki Climb
Piko Bend
Hikoi Walk
Oma Run
Peke Jump
Motokā Car
Toa Shop
Tāone Town
Kāinga Home
Rūma noho Sitting room
Rūma moe Bedroom
Rūma horoi tinana Bathroom
Rūma horoi Laundry
Kākahu Clothes
Kīhini Kitchen
Rūma takaro Playroom
Tuanui Roof
Papa Ground
Huarakau Fruit
Huawhenua Vegetables
Tētahi A/one
Konei Here
Konā There
Korā Over there
Ināianei Now
Akuanei Soon
He toki koe You're sharp
Created by: PennyGNZ



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