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science unit 4.1 voc

9 science vocab words from the unit 4.1 power point

wetlands an area that contains hydric soils, plants adapted to a wet environment (hydrophytic), and water all year or just at certain times
bog waterlogged peat or muck filled depressions usually with no inflow or outflow
swamp forested wetland; classified by dominant trees
marsh shallow, water filled depressions from runoff, groundwater, or stream overflows
emergent wetlands marshy areas around lakes & ponds where plants are rooted in soil, but emerge above water
heterotrophs organism that gets its energy & nutrients by feeding on other organisms
drought a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall; a shortage of water
drought warning A drought warning implements coordinated response to imminent drought conditions and potential water supply shortages and initiates concerted voluntary conservation measures to avoid or reduce shortages, relieve stressed sources and forestall the need to
drought watch A drought watch is intended to alert government agencies, public water suppliers, water users and the public regarding the onset of conditions indicating the potential for future drought-related problems
drought emergancy A drought emergency is a concentrated management phase designed to marshal all available resources to respond to actual emergency conditions,
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