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DNA Viruses

•Very contagious puss filled pockets on the skin •Could cause infection leading to kidney failure Small Pox
•Cold sores or fever blisters •Latent in trigeminal nerve ganglia •Transmission: respiratory or oral route Herpes simplex I
•Transmission: direct contact •Common STD •Virus Latent in sacral ganglia near spine •C-section needed if sores present via birth Herpes simplex II
When Herpes Simplex I travels to the brain, (RARE) Herpes simplex encephalitis
•Common name, (chicken pox) •Most communicable disease •Vaccine available •Dormant: thoracic nerve cell Varicella
•Common name, (Shingles) • Must have chicken pox first •Your own virus cannot get from anything but you Zoster
•Dormant in WBC •Enlarges infected cells •Secreted in saliva, urine, semen, and cervical secretions •Have it for life Cytomegalovirus
•AKA- Mono •Blood disease in the lymph nodes and spleen (B-cells) •Young have mild symptoms •Adults and teens get sever symptoms •Transmission: sharing drinks, kissing Epstein-Barr
•RNA virus •Fecal/oral route •Self-limiting Hepatitis A
•DNA virus •Minimal does for infections •Viable on surfaces up to 7 days •Multiplies in liver •10% infected become carriers Hepatitis B
•RNA virus •Silent before symptoms hit •Liver cancer •Treatment: Intron •Recently new drugs: Harvoni-cure Hepatitis C
•Defective RNA virus •Needs Hep B to replicate Hepatitis D
•Common cold •Sever •30 different strains •Spread Via ocular & respiratory secretions •AKA- eye infection Adenovirus
•35 strains causes general warts •Vaccine •Many treatments •Most common STD in USA •Strong link with cancer of reproductive tract HPV
•Symptoms: slap-face rash •If pregnant causes fatal anemia in fetus Parvovirus
Created by: Marbet97
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