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PSSA Vocab 2018

Exactly what the title says.

Ecosystem A community of organisms and their related environment.
Environment The biotic and abiotic surroundings of living beings that affects every organism.
Homeostasis The occurrence of an ecosystem attempting to return to a previous state.
Abiotic Anything nonliving.
Biotic Anything living.
Biomes A large area which serves as a habitat for organisms of all shapes and sizes.
Niche The specific role an organism plays in an ecosystem.
Consumer An organism that feasts upon other organisms, usually living.
Decomposer An organism that uses the nutrients of deceased organisms to feed the soil, allowing the cycle of life to begin anew.
Shredder Tiny microorganisms that eat soft plant matter, especially leaves.
Dichotomous The state of having two clearly defined halves.
Pest A name given to an organism that is working against humans or getting in the way of humans.
Integrated pest management Managing pests and limiting their interference on human life via traps, poison, or through other means.
Acid deposition Precipitation with a pH of 5.5 or lower which occurs when water vapor is combined with pollutants.
Stream order The increase of energy and nutrient flow as water moves towards the ocean
Topographic map A detailed map showing precise details of the earth.
Watershed Land where runoff can drain into a stream or lake.
Hydrology The study of the movement and quality of water on Earth.
Groundwater Water that got through the soil and into underwater reservoirs.
Mitigation The policy of making artificial habitats to make up for ones destroyed by man.
Lentic Relating to or living in static water.
Lotic Relating to or living in moving water.
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