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Chap 17 Comm Banking

Sec & Inv Chapter 17 Test

Examples of a deposit account Transaction deposits, Savings deposits, Time deposits, Money market deposit accounts
Examples of borrowed funds Federal funds purchased (borrowed), Borrowing from the Federal Reserve banks, Repurchase agreements, Eurodollar borrowings
Checking Account is also known as Demand Deposit Account
The typical maturity on mortgage rate loans 15 to 30 years
Type of loan that obligates the bank to offer up to some specified maximum amount of funds over a specified period of time. Revolving credit loan
Type of loan that allows the business to borrow up to a specified amount within a specified period of time. Informal line of credit
Type of business loan primarily to finance the purchase of fixed assets such as machinery. Term loans
An instrument that does not specify a maturity. Money Market Account
Instrument that typically has a short term maturity and a minimum deposit of $100,000. Negotiable Certificate of Deposit
Instrument that requires a specified minimum amount of funds to be deposited for a specified period of time Certificate of Deposit
Interstate banking regulations were changed in 1994 Allowed banks more freedom to acquire other banks across state lines.
The number of banks has ________________ over time, thereby increasing concentration in the banking industry. Decreased
Which of the following is not an example of a deposit account? Eurodollar borrowings
Eurodollar borrowings is an example of Borrowed funds
The traditional savings account is the passbook savings account, which does not permit check writing
The interest rate charged in the federal funds market is called The Federal discount rate
The rate charged by the Federal Reserve district banks to provide short-term loans to banks is called Primary credit lending rate
The primary source of funds for most banks Savings Deposits
Smaller banks rely on savings deposits while larger banks rely more on Short-term borrowings.
Because banks do not earn income from cash, they hold only as much cash as is necessary to maintain a sufficient degree of liquidity.
Some intangible assets accepted by banks include patents, brand names, and licenses to franchises and distributorships.
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