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Inv. Fundamentals

Investing fundamentals terms and definitions

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) The actual interest rate an account pays per year, including compounding amounts
Annual Report A summary of a corporation's financial results for the year and potential for future years
Interest Earnings on a savings or investment account
Compound Interest Interest computed on the original principle plus the accumulated interest
Risk The chance that an investment's value will decrease
Market Risk Susceptibility of an investments performance to general stock market conditions
Interest Rate Risk The risk that the value of an investment could decline as a result of a change in interest rates
Political Risk The risk that government actions will have adverse effects on an investment
Diversification Spreading risk among many types of investments
Certificate of Deposit A deposit that earns a fixed interest rate for a specified length of time
Emergency Fund Money used to pay for short term needs with enough left over to cover unexpected expenses - Typically 3-6 months worth of expenses
Securities Stocks and bonds issued by corporations or governments
Discretionary Income Money that is left over after the bills have been paid
Inflation A rise in the general level of prices
Maturity Date The date on which an investment becomes due for payment
Principle Original investment amount set aside by an investor that will earn interest
Liquidity The ability of an asset to be converted into cash quickly without loss of value
Money Market An investment in which deposited money is used to purchase safe, liquid securities
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