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exam review

the odyssey

what happened to the Minoan civilization in 1450 B.C it collapsed rather suddenly due to an earthquake or an invasion
what is the greek word for city-state polis
what is an epic a long poem based off of myths from the greek and roman times
how did the trojan war start a king decevied the gods to try to marry the king of sparta's wife to he could rule the kingdom he did but started a great war.
Helios sun god "father curse odysseus for what he has done"
Poseidon god of the sea
Althena god of wisdom, skill, and war
zeus king of the gods and the ruler of the heavens and lighting
polyphemus son of poseidon he is a cyclopes
laertes was odysseus father original ruler of Ithica
Telemachus son of odysseus "father is that you"
Eumaeus odysseus trusted friend who watched his dog and pigs
Penelope odysseus wife also queen of Ithica
Odysseus king of Ithica and main character in the odyssey
Argus odysseus dog who stays loyal to him until he sees his master then he knows he can die
Tiresias the blind profit
Circe a goddess who turns odysseus men into pigs
Sirens magical creatuers that take ships out to sea to eat the men
Aeolus god of wind that gave odysseus the bag of wind
what did the giant ask his father to do to odysseus late him never see home again and if he does it will be many dark years of trying to find his home and all of his crew will die
after twenty years, how does Odysseus finally get home phaeacions take him home and leave him with bronze and gold
what are the souitors doing in his house trying to get his wife to marry him so he can become the next king
Suitors they are thing to get his wife penelope to marry them so they can become the next king
Charybdis one of the twin sister of poseidon her form is a water pool
Scylla the other half of the twin sister she take a form of a hydra
Calypso a nymph who lives on an island she dated odysseus for seven years
Elpenor was a solider in the trojan war when he was at circe he got drunk and climed on her roof and fell asleep but when he woke up he tried to get off but instead fell and died
what test does penelope use to choose a husband from among the suitors who could get and arrow through the socket of an axe with out tuching the inside of it
why does odysseus go to the land of the dead to seek the blind profit tiresias
what brings the spirits of the dead to odysseus the smell of blood from the sheep that they killed
what does tiresias say the odysseys and his men must not do the should not eat the cattle of the sun god
why does odysseus leave home the trojan war
why does cyclops live alone in a cave they have no muster no meeting and no trible ways
who does odysseus speek with in the land of the dead his mother, tiresias the blind profit, and one of his fallen soilders Elpenor
what does odysseus wont more than anything else to make it back home to ithica
what two aspects of the life of cylopes make odysseus think they are uncivilized they live in their own cave in a mountain and have no tribal ways
how does eurylochus convinve odysseus men to kill helios cattle he said they would kill the nobliest of cattle and make it a sacrifice to the gods
how did antinous treat odysseus very mean
what reason does odysseus give for thaking revenge on the suitors Odysseus said that the suitors thought that he would never come back and that they had taken over his home and try to steal his wife.
Created by: Carson Rokos



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