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ss test articles of

constitution framework for the gov.- a written plan for the gov.
confederancy first type of gov. in USA at the end of america rev.
magna carta document that reduced the power of king john
England the country that king john ruled
bill of rights the first ten amendments to the constitution
English bill of rights Who the bill of rights really belonged to
Magna carta X English document that reduced the power of the king and increased the rights of the people
amendments changes in the laws to the constitution
John Locke famous for his social contract theory
27 number of amendments to the constitution
mayflower the ship that brought first permanent English settlers to america- 1607
mayflower compact - 1607- first attempt at self-gov. in america
Jamestown, VA first permanent English settlement in NA
house of burgess elected members to represent people in the colony of Virginia
property requirement for voting in the early colonial period
republic type of gov. where people elect there representatives in gov.
preamble introduction to the constitution
republican gov. in Usa today
eagle symbol for a republic
age of enlightenment movement in europe new ideas about gov. and science
john locke leader of age of enlightenment
ben franklin and thomas jefferson two leaders of age of enlightenment
articles of confederation first constitution of the united states
confederancy gov. in which states create certain gov. with limated powers
confederancy type of gov. that rules itself
fedral level of gov. not found in the articles of confederation
territory land owned by national gov. but not yet a state
N.W. territory area opened for settlement after america rev.
60,000 population that was needed to become a state
surveying measurment of land by establishing boundries
transit the surveying intrement
township land area of 36 sections
16th section used for school
corpal punishment punishment of the body
boston, mass city to establish the first public schools
horce mann father of the america education
academy name for an early public school
tenis court location of the old hanson gym
john hanson first president under the articles of cofederation
manomission and emancipate the act of master freeing his slave
3 branches of gov. legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch
justices title for the judges on the supreme court
9 number of justices
executive branch did not exist under aricles of confederation, carrys out the laws
legislative branch makes the laws
judicial branch makes certain laws that are constitutional
congress leg. body made up of house of representatives and senate
capital hill nickname for the US capital building
bill a proposed law
law approval of bill by both houses of congress
veto a rejected law
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