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Malayalam Study Cards

I am not (yes/no answer) alla
absence of (do you possess this?) ehlla
"oh" sound at the end means ...? verb question
"uhm" sound at the end means ...? future verb
"aahm" sound at the end means ...? verb - you are waiting for their consent
"ooo" sound at the end means ...? it is a command; imperitive; do some action (eg come = varoo; sit = irikkyoo; eat = kazhikkyoo -- these are all asking someone to come, sit, eat
bi (two) iru
we (including the listener) nammal
we (excluding the listener -- used 90% of the time) njangal
you (informal) nee
you (common) ningal
you (very formal) thahngal (not to be confused with "thungal" which means muslim priest)
what muslims call their priest thungal (not to be confused with "thahngal" which means "you" (formal))
now (reference to time) ippol
far (reference to time; can be future or past) ahppol
here ivuday
there ahvuday
from ninnum (eg from Delhi = Delhiyil ninnum)
in (regarding a location) -il (eg from Delhi = Delhiyil ninnum)
What is your father's name? (formal) Thahngal-uday app-ende payr enth-aanu?
wife bharya
dad achen or appa
what is your wife's name? (formal) thahngal-uday bharya-uday payr enth-aanu?
but pakshay
I am enikk
I am getting hot enikk choodah edukkunnu
I am getting cold Enikk thanahpuh edukkunnu
Now we will go to Burger King Ippol njangal-ke Burger King pogahm
What's your favorite color? Ningal-uday ishtum-uhla neerahm enth aanu?
is there? uhndo?
color neerahm
How are you today? suggham aano?
to sit irikkuga
to eat kazhikkuga
to write ezhuthuka
(present tense) -unnu
(future tense) -um
(need or should do) -nam (eg I need = vaynam)
Nothing special is going on prathyay-gah-chuh vashayshum unnum ehlla
yesterday was sunday innale njayazcha ayeer-unnu
run oohduga
camel ottakam
to break odikuga
medicine owshatham (pronounced like "owl")
ayurvedic pharmacy owshathee
hour moni-koor
time moni
at a certain time moni-cyuh (eg at 6 o'clock)
took medicine ("ate medicine") marinah kazhikkuga
medicine marinah
Annette gave a book to me annette orru book ennikk thannu
memory orma
i am tired ennikk sheenam unduh
I have lost weight ennikk sheenam aanuh
thank you nuhnee
no? (brown color, no?) ehlay?
You are tired, no? ningal-ku sheenam ehlay?
see you next thursday ahduthay njaaryazcha caanahm
too much athi
happiness sandhoshum
early morning athi raavile
noon utcha
evening vaikunneram
dusk sandhya nehram
time nehram
night raathri
half paathi
midnight paathi raathri
down/below (ie listed below) thaazhe
under (ie under the chair) aDiyil
top/above mookalil
in front (ie in front of the computer) munpil
behind/at the back pirakil
left side idathah vasham
right side valathah vasham
day divasam
week aazcha
mouth maasam
year varsham
age vayassu
tomorrow naale
yesterday innale
today innu
day before yesterday minnin-njan-uh
was aayrinnu
day after tomorrow mah-tan-nahl
go back thirichu
come inside varrooo
tell me the news parahyoo enthe vishayshum
i understood innikk munsil-ayee
i understand innikk munsil-avuum
Created by: Gzacharia



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