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LE Regents midterm 1

NYS Regents - Living Environment

What is a hypothesis? It serves as a basis for determining what data to collect when designing an experiment.
Genetic material from a human cell's DNA is cut and put into the genetic material from a bacterial cell. What type of knowledge is needed to do this technique? knowledge of DNA structure
How do you calculate the average for 3 trials? Add up each piece of data and then divide by the number of pieces or trials (3).
Most living things depend on a proper pH level to sustain life. What are the 3 levels to ph? acid, neutral, base
What are the reasons for your experiment to be peer reviewed? pointing out possible bias, identifying illogical conclusions, analyzing experimental design
How do you add stain to a microscope slide without removing the coverslip? Add a paper towel to the opposite side of the stain and then add the stain to the edge of the coverslip
What is needed in a plant for photosynthesis to occur? Sunlight, chlorophyll, carbon dioxide, water
Solar energy is used where in a plant? Chloroplast
Why would you not tell an participant in a research experiment if they are getting the sugar pill or the experimental pill? Eliminates bias as to the effect of the experimental pill on a specific problem
If there is 1 parent, what kind of reproduction is this? asexual reproduction
In asexual reproduction, the offspring have a) identical DNA to the parent (same exact genes, same traits), b) different DNA to the parent (different genes, different traits), or c) some of the same DNA as the parent but not all a) identical DNA to the parent
What controls the movement of materials into and out of the cell AND recognizes certain chemicals? cell membrane
What gases are involved in the process of photosynthesis? oxygen and carbon dioxide
Do organelle function independent of each other in a cell or work together? work together
What produces proteins in a cell? ribosome
What activity does not involve the use of energy? The movement of water in and out of a cell
A chloroplast is in a plant cell or animal cell? plant cell
In a DNA molecule, what bases pair up? A with T, C with G
What is the order from oldest to newest in creating new traits? -gene manipulation/ engineering -natural selection -selective breeding (think breeding dogs, horses, etc.) natural selection, selective breeding, gene engineering
If a skin cell has a mutation in it's DNA, what cells will be affected? a) liver cells b) that skin cell c) gametes (sperm & eggs) b) Only the skin cells that develop or grow from it will have mutations
Created by: kimhatch
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