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Bio genetics

genetics questions

The plants that Gregor Mendel crossed to produce the F1 generation made up the _ generation. P
If the alleles for traits in pea plants did not segregate during gamete formation, offspring that were recessive for a trait could be produced only by crossing two plants that were _ for that trait. recessive
A pedigree showing the inheritance of Huntington’s disease within a family would show shaded symbols for people with the disease. true
The chemical factors that determine traits are called genes
A person who has blood type O can receive a blood transfusion only from a person who has blood type _. O
If a pea plant that is heterozygous for round, yellow peas (RrYy) is crossed with a pea plant that is homozygous for round peas but heterozygous for yellow peas (RRYy), how many different phenotypes are their offspring expected to show? 2
Human females produce egg cells that have one X chromosome.
If you flip a coin five times and it comes up heads each time, the probability that it will come up heads the next time is _. 1/2
Compared with normal hemoglobin, the hemoglobin of a person with sickle cell disease has a different sequence of amino acids.
People who are heterozygous for sickle cell disease are generally healthy because they usually have some normal hemoglobin in their red blood cells.
Chromosome 22 contains long stretches of DNA that do not code for proteins. true
What percentage of human sperm cells carry an X chromosome? 50%
In cystic fibrosis, a change in a single gene causes the protein called CFTR to fold improperly.
A boy who has hemophilia inherited the disorder from his _. mother
A tall plant is crossed with a short plant. If the tall F1 pea plants are allowed to self-pollinate, some of the offspring will be tall, and some will be short.
Nondisjunction in males can lead to the disorder called _. Klinefelter's syndrome
Which of the following assort independently? chromosomes
A person who has PKU inherited the recessive allele for the trait from both parents.
A female with the disorder _ inherits only one X chromosome and has the genotype XO. Turner's syndrome
In the P generation, a tall plant is crossed with a short plant. The probability that an F2 plant will be tall is 75%
In a pedigree, if a mother is represented by a shaded circle and a father is represented by a shaded square, their children can be represented by either shaded or unshaded circles or squares. true
A person who has Down syndrome has two copies of chromosome 21. false
_ is the likelihood that a particular event will occur. Probability
If pea plants that are homozygous for round, yellow seeds (RRYY) were crossed with pea plants that are heterozygous for round, yellow seeds (RrYy), the expected phenotype(s) of the offspring would be _. round yellow seeds
What principle states that during gamete formation genes for different traits separate without influencing each other’s inheritance? principle of independent assortment
A male and female bison that are both heterozygous for normal skin pigmentation (Aa) produce an albino offspring (aa). Which of Mendel’s principles explain(s) why the offspring is albino? dominance and segregation
A pedigree can be used to all of the above
If a man with blood type A and a woman with blood type B produce an offspring, what might be the offspring’s blood type? A, B, AB, or O
The sequencing of human chromosomes 21 and 22 showed that some regions of chromosomes do not code for proteins.
The alleles IA and _ for the ABO blood group are codominant. IB
If a pea plant has a recessive allele for green peas, it will produce green peas if it does not also have a dominant allele for yellow peas.
If two genes are on the same chromosome and rarely assort independently, the genes are probably located close to each other.
Gregor Mendel’s principles of genetics apply to all organisms
When two heterozygous tall pea plants are crossed, the expected genotype ratio of the offspring is _. TT : 2 Tt : 1 tt
If the gene for seed color and the gene for seed shape in pea plants were linked, Mendel’s F2 plants would have exhibited a different phenotype ratio for seed color and seed shape.
Linked genes are on the same chromosome.
A dominant X-linked trait would be more common in males than in females. false
Offspring that result from crosses between parents with different traits are called hybrids.
Two parents who have Huntington’s disease (autosomal dominant) may produce an offspring who does not have Huntington’s disease. true
Which of the following statements is true? The father of a colorblind boy may be colorblind.
A person can be tested for the allele that causes Huntington’s disease because the _ of that allele is different from that of the normal allele. DNA sequence
In the P generation, a tall plant was crossed with a short plant. If alleles did not segregate during gamete formation, all of the F2 plants would be tall.
Which of the following genotypes for blood types result in the same phenotype? BB and BO
If a person has blood type A, he or she cannot receive a blood transfusion from a person with blood type O. false
The probability that a gamete produced by a pea plant heterozygous for stem height (Tt) will contain the recessive allele is 100%. false
Scientists test for alleles that cause human genetic disorders by detecting the DNA sequences found in those alleles.
In a human karyotype, 44 of the chromosomes are autosomes. true
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