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Chapter 5- Final

Populations Study Stack

What are the 3 characteristics used to describe a population geographic distribution population density growth rate
What is an example of population density? 500 deer in cass county (number, population, location)
When the birthrate in a population is HIGHER than the death rate, the population __________________. Increases
When the death rate in a population is HIGHER than the birthrate, the population ____________________. Decreases
When the birthrate and the death rate in a population are the same, the population will ___________. Level off. (remain the same)
What are 3 factors that affect population growth? Birth Rate Death Rate Immigration/Emigration
What is a limiting factor? A factor that causes the growth of a population to decrease
What is carrying capacity? The largest number of individuals of a population that a given environment can support.
What are two ways a population can decrease in size? Emigration birthrates are lower than death rates
What are the density-dependent limiting factors? Competition Parasitism/Disease Predation
What are the density-Independent limiting factors? Human Disturbances Extreme Climates
Example of competition: A pack of wolves fighting over food
Example of Extreme Climates: Hurricanes destroying most of Puerto Rico
Example of Predation: Bears killing fish
Example of Parasitism/Disease: Ticks on a dog
Describe how human population has changed over time: The population growth in humans was slow for thousands of years, 500 years ago there was rapid growth in the population.
Name the two historical revolutions that contributed to the change in human population: Industrial and Agricultural
What happens first in demographic transition? advances in nutrition, sanitation, and medicine mean more children survive to adulthood and more adults live to be older than before; death rate LOWERS.
What happens second in demographic transition? Death rates fall, birthrates remain high- the population increases rapidly.
What happens third in demographic transistion? Populations modernize and raise their standard of living. Birthrates are low and death rates are low. Population growth STOPS.
Created by: mrs.carlock