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ST History People

List of people important to surgical technology

Robert Koch Proved Pasteur's germ theory
Joseph Lister - established first principles of asepsis and sterile technique - soaked instruments in carbolic acid
Ignaz Semmelweis correlated frequent hand washing in obstetrics with lower rates of infection
Hans Gram developed staining methods
Louis Pasteur - proved the germ theory of disease - promoted hand washing
Robert Hooke developed cell theory - all living things are composed of cells - cells; smallest complete living things
Edward Jenner father of vaccine (smallpox)
William Halsted developed and taught the priniciples of wound closure, hemostasis, and tisue handling
Andreas Vesalius "father of modern anatomy" performed dissections of cadavers, providing meticulous drawing of anatomy
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek -discovered animalcules - microorganisms -made first accurate drawings of bacteria and protozoa
Ambroise Pare used ligatures for arteries in performance of amputations
William Harvey first to accurately describe circulatory anatomy and physiology
Denton Cooley perfected the heart lung machine performed the first us heart transplant implanted first total artificial heart
Michael E. DeBakey developed the first ventricular assistive pump device
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