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Quiz 12/06/17


What is the energy in food measured in? small "c" calories
How many calories are in a Calorie? 1,000
How many calories does it take to raise 1 gram of water, 1 degree Celsius? 1 calorie
What do most Calories in our food come from? Fat and Carbohydrates
What is another name for Carbohydrates? Sugars
Describe a Monosaccharide 1 carbohydrate. (single-unit sugar)
Describe a Disaccharide 2 monosaccharides (carbohydrates) linked together by dehydration reaction
Describe a Polysaccharide More than 3 carbohydrates (polymers of monosaccharides) linked together by dehydration reaction
What does Monomer mean? one part
What does Polymer mean? many parts
What are 2 examples of monosaccharides? glucose and fructose
what are 2 examples of disaccharides? lactose and sucrose
what are 4 examples of polysaccharides? starch, glycogen, chitin and cellulose
What are the main fuel for cellular work? Monosaccharides
What is the process of making ATP? cellular respiration
What is the organelle that makes ATP through cellular respiration? the Mitochondria
What is the equation for cellular respiration? C6H12O6 + O2 --> H2O + CO2 + ATP = Cellular Respiration
What are the two main types of energy? Potential energy and Kinetic energy
What is Kinetic energy? The energy of motion. ex: Heat
What is potential energy? Stored energy. ex: chemical reactions
What does ATP stand for? Adenosine Triphosphate
What is the purpose of ATP? to do cellular work
What is a Macromolecule? "gigantic" molecules (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids)
Describe Dehydration Reaction The loss of H2O when two molecules join
What do cells do to link monomers together to make polymers? Dehydration Reaction
What does hydrolysis mean? "to break with water" Cells break bonds between monomers by adding water to them. (this is to break down polymers (think of digestion)) It is the opposite of dehydration reaction
What is a hydroxyl? 1 Oxygen atom and 1 Hydrogen atom
What is an Enzyme? a specialized macromolecule that speeds up chemical reactions of cells
What is a carbohydrate made of? Only CHO, the ratio of H:O is 2:1
What does Phosphorylation mean? The addition of a Phosphate
What is OIL RIG? Oxidation Is Losing (electrons) Reduction Is Gaining (electrons)
what is the general formula for all carbohydrates? any multiple of CH2O
math for calories grams X degrees = calories
What is specific heat? the heat required to raise the temperature of a substance by a given amount (usually 1 degree)
functions of monosaccharides main fuel molecules for cellular work
functions of disaccharides sugars that we consume for QUICK ENERGY (breaks down into monosaccharides by hydrolysis)
functions of polysaccharides storage molecules and structural compounds
Created by: cosettegiroux