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An Saorbhriathar

Cleachtadh meaitseala ar an Saorbhriathar AC AL AF agus MC

Dúntar Is closed
Dúnadh Was closed
Dúnfar Will be closed
Dhúnfaí Would be closed
Bristear Is broken
Briseadh Was broken
Brisfear Will be broken
Bhrisfí Would be broken
Óltar Is drunk
Óladh Was drunk
Ólfar Will be drunk
D'ólfaí Would be drunk
Táthar Is being
Níltear Is not being
Bítear Is being
Bhíothas Was being
Beifear Will be being
Bheifí Would be being
Ní rabhthas Was not being
Dúradh Was said
Deirtear Is said
Déarfar Will be said
Rugadh Was born
Beirtear Is born
Béarfar Will be born
Chualathas Was heard
Cloistear Is heard
Cloisfear Will be heard
Chloisfí Would be heard
Bhéarfaí Would be born
Rinneadh Was done
Ní dhearnadh Was not done
Déantar Is done
Déanfar Will be done
Dhéanfaí Would be done
Fuarthas Was gotten
Faightear Is gotten
Gheofar Will be gotten
Ní bhfaighfear Will not be gotten
GheofaÍ Would be gotten
Ní bhfuarthas Was not gotten
Chonacthas Was seen
Ní fhacthas Was not seen
Feictear Is seen
Feicfear Will be seen
D'fheicfí Would be seen
Itheadh Was eaten
Itear Is eaten
Íosfar Will be eaten
D'íosfaí Would be eaten
Tugadh Was given
Níor tugadh Was not given
Tugtar Is given
Tabharfar Will be given
Thabharfaí Would be given
Ionsaigh To attack
Ionsaíodh Was attacked
Ionsaítear Is attacked
Ionsófar Will be attacked
D'ionsófaí Would be attacked
Bailigh To gather
Bailíodh Was gathered
Níor bailíodh Was not gathered
Bailítear Is gathered
Baileofar Will be gathered
Bhaileofaí Would be gathered
Ceangail To tie
Ceanglaíodh Was tied
Níor ceanglaíodh Was not tied
Ceanglaítear Is tied
Ceanglófar Will be tied
Cheanglófaí Would be tied
Cosain To protect
Cosnaíodh Was protected
Cosnaítear Is protected
Cosnófar Will be protected
Chosnófaí Would be protected
Imir To play
Imríodh Was played
Imrítear Is played
Imreofar Will be played
D'imreofaí Would be played
Inis To tell
Insíodh Was told
Insítear Is told
Inseofar Will be told
D'inseofaí Would be told
Created by: dcor90



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