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an cluiche mór

eochair focail

An cluiche mór – eochairfocail. The big game. keywords.
Staid Pháirc an Chrócaigh Croke Park stadium
An pháirc chatha the battlefield
Aontaithe united
Sonc blow
Feadóg whistle
Ar dheis on the right
Lánchúlaí ar chlé left fullback
Ag taibhreamh dreaming
Socraid funeral
Bus foirne team bus
Bratacha flags
Riostaí wrists
Traenálaí trainer
Seomra feistis dressing room
An óráid the speech
Ag crith trembling
Ráiméis nonsence
Sa bhearna bhaoil in th gap of danger
An t-Uachtarán the president
An pharáid the parade
Gártha shouts
Dímheas disrespect
Nóiméad ciúnas a moments silence
An tAmhrán náisiúnta the national anthem
Mo chéile comhairc opponent
Aistear journey
An réiteoir the referee
Easnacha ribs
Dorn fist
Aghaidh face
Ascaill arm
Muinéil neck
Cárta buí yellow card
An sliotar the ball
Preab kick/jump
Bos palm
Ar chlé on the left
Muinchille sleeves
Racht feirge outburst of anger
i lapa an fhreasúra in the hand of the opposition
Clogad helmet
Cúl agus cúilín gaol and point
Leathtosaí lár centrehalf forward
Ruathar chase/run
Raspar excellent shot
Líontán net
Lapa paw
An taobhlíne the side line
Pas láimhe hand pass
Thar an trasnán over the bar
ina sheilbh possession
Ag caitheamh scátha air shadowing him
Clibirt SCRUM
Caochaim mo shúil leis I wink at him
ina chnap in a heap
leatham half time
Ardán Uí Ógáin Hogan Stand
An dara leath second half
Uilinn elbow
Bolg stomach
Húcáil hook/block
Ar fóraoil wide
An lámh in uachtar upperhand
Ordóg thumb
Comhartha sign
Aird attention
Miongháire smile
Cliathánach sideways/diagonally
Blocálaite blocked
Ar comhscór/comhtharrac even/level
Póigín kiss
Cárta dearg red card
In am cúitimh ghortaithe in injury time
Fuadar a rush of energy
Go cruinn precisely
Created by: aorourke
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