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Géibheann SFC

Géibheann le Caitlín Maude

the animal an t-ainmhí
in the wild sna teochrasa
famous clú agus cáil
beauty áilleacht
in prison I ngéibheann
trapped gafa
locked faoi ghlas
in the zoo sa zú
strength láidreacht/neart
freedom Saoirse
comparison comparáid
oppression daoirse
lack of freedom easpa Saoirse
independence neamhspléachas
energy fuinneamh
power cumhacht
dignity dínit
free saor
hunting ag seilbh
contrast codarsnacht
proud bródúil
he was put cuireadh é
big change athrú mór
different life saol difriúl
suffering ag fulaingt
lack of dignity easpa dínite
escape éalú
sadness brón
display taispeántas
depressed in ísle brí
visitors cuairteoirí
save sábháil
roaring ag búiríl
scaring ag scanrú
misery éadóchas
in charge i gceannas
his own life a shaol féin
allegorical poem dán fhathchiallach
the animal stands for the poet seasann an t-ainmhí don fhile
sick tinn
cancer ailse
continuous metaphor meafar leanúnach
atmosphere atmaisféar
pity trua
images íomhánna
the first an chéad
the second an dara
verse véarsa
lack of punctuation easpa poncaíochta
the pain does not stop ní stopann an pian
she speaks labhraíonn sí
through the mouth of the animal trí bhéal an ainmhí
Created by: Ms O' C