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Chapter 3 Perio K T

Key terms

a team of reserachers who are trained to apply the indices to members of a pop., by use of the same standardized guidelines and definitions calibrated examiners
using an epidemiologic appraoch in which previous incidents of medical conditin are used instead of gathering new info. from a radomized pop. case-control studies
a progressive scale that assigns a numeric score to each tooth. weighted more toward bone loss than ging. inflammation. each tooth added and averaged by all teeth in mouth community index of periodontal treatment needs
focuses on a specific subpopulation, such as children born on a certain date in a specific cohort studies
the scientific method for the analysis of data gathered from 2 or more samples at one point in time cross sectional series
inquiry of date in search for facts. entire groups are focus of study. epidemiologic research
study of health and disease and associated factors in human populations. epidemiology
formulation of general principles from sets of infor. generalization
periodontal disease taht occurs throughout the oral cavity generalized aggressive periodontitis
the pattern of movement of gingival fluid gingivial fluid flow
an ass. tool used to eval. a case of gingivitix based on visual inspect. of the gingivae that take into consideration the color and firmness of the tissue and the POB gingival index
the rate of occurrence of new disease in a op. over a given period of time incidence
the ratio of one measurable value to another indexes or indices
ass. with young people, in the past known as periodontosis or juvenile perio localized agressive perio
the most commonly used tehnique to quantify tooth mobility, in which 2 metal instrument handles are placed on either side of the tooth to be texted and the tooth is moved in a facial ling. direction. miller index of tooth mobility
an ass. of gingival condition based on probe depths and attachment loss in six teeth as a rep. of the entire dentition teeth-# 3,9,12,19,25,28 periodontal disease index
to identify which patients need a full exam and which patients require only a screening exam in the private practice setting periodontal screening and recording
places the most significance on the smount of plaque at the gingival margin because of the importance of the proximity and relationship of plaque in the location to gingival inflammation, measured by bleeding plaque index of silness of loe
the number of cases of a disease present in a given opoulation at one time prevalence
which are exposures, behaviors, and chracteristics ass. with disease risk factors
progressive scale that assigns a numeric score to each tooth. weighted more toward bone loss than ging. inflammation. each tooth added and averaged by all teeth in mouth russell's periodontal index
a selected part of a population that is taken to be representative of the whole population sample
the level of disease severity
has both a debris index for plaque and a calculus index. the scores can be used singly to provide a plaque index or a calculus index, or they may be combined to provide an oral hygiene index simplified oral hygiene index
a measure of bleeding on probing, in which measurements are taken at four points around each tooth: the m.d.b.and l. surfaces sulcus bleeding index
measures supragingival calculus: was originally designed to measure the mandibular incisors but also has been applied to other teeth and studies of "tartar-control" toothpastes volpe manhole index
Created by: TinaHygiene
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