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Chapter 1 Perio

Ancient evidence shows relics used what for dental care? Ear Scoops, tweezers, and toothpicks
What did the ancient use for cleaning teeth? Ground lelium, salt, alum and vinegar
A fiber stick served as the first toothbrush; these sticks were made from? trees or bushes
Formation of calculus was considered by Albucasis (Moorish surgeon in Spain)
How many scraper were in Albucasis set? 14
The father of dentistry developed dental regimen including interproximal cleaning and gingival stimulation Pierre Fauchard
created the role of the dental hygienist Alfred C. Fones
Irene Newman trained by Fones in what year? 1906
First hygiene school Connecticut in what year 1913
Hygiene regulated in Connecticut on what year? 1915
father of American dentistry who thought disease was a purely local affectation related to the glands G.V. Black
considered streptococcal infection a factor;Occlusion studied as a causeNutrition studied as a cause Hartzell
In 1956, the average age of a dental hygienist was 36
when the advent of four-handed dentistry where the dentist and assistant worked while seated at the head of a reclined pt, were operating stools for the dentist and assistant introduced. 1960
The next major physical change was a fully reclining dental chair that allows the patient to be in the Trendelenburg position
was a time when the demand for availability of care and a growing population caused a significant increase in the number of dental hygiene programs in the US. 60-70's
the laws changed permitting some states to teach local anesthesia adm and rest procedures to be taught to d h students in schools. U of P and Iowa, Howard University,were among the first few to offer expanded duty dental hygiene skills (year) 1970
ADHA has defined six roles that await the DH student to expand their potential in the profession: Clinician, Educator/health promoter, Consumer advocate ,Administrator/manager, Change agent, Researcher
Created by: TinaHygiene