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Animals in dutch

Animal names in dutch

hond dog
poes, kat cat
giraf giraffe
papegaai parrot
slang snake
leeuw lion
beer bear
konijn rabbit
eend duck
uil owl
paard horse
koe cow
vee cattle
varken pig
kip chicken
gans goose
olifant elephant
kalf calf
schaap sheep
lam lamb
kalkoen turkey
leeuw lion
tijger tiger
panter panther
luipaard leopard
stier bull
ram ram
nijlpaard hippopotamus
neushoorn rhinoceros
kanarie canary
duif pigeon
mus sparrow
spreeuw starling
ooievaar stork
vogel bird
parkiet parrakeet
huisdier pet
dierenarts vet
Created by: Dj-Andi