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K25 Fitness

Components of Fitness

Components of Fitness strength, power, muscular endurance, flexibility, ability to recover, body composition, aerobic power, aerobic endurance, skill, agility, balance, speed, heat dissipation/thermoregulation
Positive phase of repetition -Up, against gravity -Concentric (shortening) muscle contraction
Negative phase of repetition Negative phase Down, with gravity Eccentric (lengthening) muscle contraction
Relative load -What % of max strength -What % of body weight
Power Combination of strength and speed
Power = Work/Time, a combonation of strength and speed.
Maximum power is expressed at __________ speeds medium
Sprinting and jumping effectively ___________ power develop
Effective power exercises can produce profound short term ________________. fatigue
Muscular endurance # of reps/duration with which you can persist at a high-intensity exercise
Muscular endurance requires... Substantial anaerobic contribution
Muscular endurance is influenced by training history
Development of muscular endurance is facilitated by: Understanding basic principles of training Following an appropriate training strategy Psychological toughness to repeadtedley endure discomfort
ME is best developed in the weight room by performing 15-20 ___________ Reps
ME is best developed in the weight room by performing 2-3 ___________ Sets
ME is best developed in the weight room by resting _____ minutes 5-7
How rapidly and completely you can restore yourself to a non-fatigued state after exercise Ability to Recover
During recovery, your cardio system works hard enough to “______________” that you incurred during exercise repay the oxygen debt
The more _______ your cardio system is, (higher aerobic power), the faster you can “repay the oxygen debt” and restore order within your muscle cells fit
The ability to recover is best developed by: High-intensity aerobic intervals ranging from 3 to 15 minutes (the shorter the duration, the higher the intensity you must perform)
Determines how many high-intensity sets or repeats you can do within a given period of time. Ability to recover
Strength/power athletes would receive greater benefit if their aerobic training was: of higher intensity of Shorter duration Repeated (intervals)
Fat is a good _________ _____________, and with more fat you have trouble getting rid of heat thermal insulator
Fat is “dead weight”, and ____________↑ the amount of work you have to do to move yourself around increases
Three basic steps to eliminate excess body fat: Burn more calories than you consume Consume less sugar and white flour Exercise more frequently
Maximum range of motion of a joint Flexibility
In some joints, ROM is limited by , bone shape ligamentous constrain contact with another segment (Knee)
Knee and elbow joint flexibility can be improved by exercise. (T/F) False, they cannot.
Created by: mgarvin9