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Ch. 2 Dental Mat.

items used to treat disease therapeutic agents
items used to reconstruct tooth structure restorative agents
pressure applied to compress/condense compressive force
pressure applied in opposite directions to stretch an object tensile force
pressure applied when two surfaces slide against each other or in a twisting or rotating motion. shearing force
pressure or tension exerted on a material object stress
distortion or deformation occurring when an object cannot resists a stress strain
bending stress, a combination of tension and compression flexural stress
repeated stresses resulting in fractures fatigue failure
suscepectibility to being dissolved solubility
the ability to absorb moisture water sorption
to wear away, especially by a chemical reaction corrosion
discoloration caused by oxidation of a metal surface tarnish
an electric current transmitted between two dissimilar metals galvanism
expansion and contraction of matter when heated dimensional change
measurement of expansion and contraction coefficient of thermal expansion
space between restoration and tooth caused by continual shrinkage and expansion of restoration percolation
the rate at which heat flows through a material thermal conductivity
matter that prevents the passage of electricity, heat, or sound through an object insulators
the reaction of certain components when they are mixed, resulting in the production of heat exothermic reaction
the ability of a material to maintain its position without displacement under stress retention
ability to stick tightly to another surface adhesion
ability to hold together bonding
the degree tow hich a liquid adhesive is able to spread over the surface of a tooth and restorative material wetting
the ability of a liquid material to flow viscosity
the minimum thickness obtainable by a layer of material film thickness
the attraction of atoms to a surface surface energy
the space between the walls of preparation and the restoration interface
the seepage of harmful materials microleakage
material that do not impede or adversely affect living tissue biocompatible
the dominant color of the wavelenth detected hue
the intensity or strength of the color chroma
how light or dark a color is value
an object that one can see through transparent
an object that completely absorbs light opaque
the balance of transparency and opaqueness in an object translucency
lifelike appearance vitality
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