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Chamuris Test 2

DNA synthesis occurs during S Phase
Chromatin condenses during Prophase
Cytokinesis occurs during Telophase
Chromosomes align the equator during Metaphase
Housekeeping functions carried out during G2 phase
Centrioles migrate to poles during Prophase
Nuclear envelope becomes assembled during Telophase
Replication of mitochondria occurs during S phase
Duplicated strands of chromatin are disjoined physically separated strands during Anaphase
Transcription: ______ dependent and ______ polymerase DNA dependent, RNA poymerase
S phase of cell: _____ dependent and _____ polymerase DNA dependent, DNA polymerase
Enzyme of retrovirus (HIV) ; ____ dependent and _____ polymerase RNA dependent, DNA polymerase
Synthesizes mRNA - influenza virus: ____ dependent and _____ polymerase RNA dependent, RNA polymerase
Type 1 Albinism (what kind) autosomal and simple dominance
Osteoarthritis sustebility (what kind) autosomal, sex-influenced
Down syndrome (what kind) aneupolidy
Hemophilia or color blindness (what kind) X- linked recessive
Wardenburg (what kind) Incomplete penetrance
autosomal chromosomes #1-22
sex chromosome #23 - determines sex
two alleles are the same (AA or aa) homozygous
two alleles differ (Aa) heterozygous
the stronger trait that masks the other dominant
2 copies must be present to be expressed recessive
genetic makeup (Aa or IB) genotype
observable traits (curly hair or short) phenotype
haploid 1N= 23
diploid 2N=46
gamete sex cell
somatic body cell
sister chromatids separate division
chromosome duplication (centrioles and mitochondria duplicate ) S phase
nucleus is 4c (housekeeping) G2
nucleus is 2c (housekeeping) G1
2 or more alleles code for a functional protein (blood types) codominnance
partial masking, making an intermediate phenotype (red, roan, white cows) incomplete dominance
If a primary oocyte has 40 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will the resultant ovum have? 20
Which would NOT have continuously dividing cells? brain tissue
XXY aneuploids is ... disjunction in the father
Cell cycle phase transition from 2c -> 4c? S phase
Which rule of inheritance is false ? Female carriers of X-linked give to all daughters
Two incomplete dominant genes, means how many phenotypes are possible? 9
Created by: gln68898
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