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Chapter 10/11

Northwest passage A passage that, if found, would create a quick passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.
Corps of Discovery A group of people that included Meriwether Lewis and William Clark that took an expedition out west to discover what was out there.
Filibuster A private, unauthorized military adventurer, when he led three hundred men on an expedition across the Sabine River to take control of Texas.
The Tallmadge Amendment Denouncing slavery as immoral and opposed to the nation's founding principals of equality and liberty.
Missouri Compromise In 1820, Missouri and Maine became a state. Missouri supported slavery and Maine did not.
Empresario Someone who bought settlers to the region in exchange for generous grants of land.
Tejanos Residents of Texas, that got pushed out when people form other slave states pushed them out.
Californios The Mexican residents of California that wanted independence from Mexico.
Mexican Cession A conquest of land west of the Rio Grande. It included states like; California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and part of Colorado.
Forty Niners People who gathered around to create camps in California and realized it wasn't that easy to find gold in California.
Liberty Party Founded in 1840, was a single-issue party, who was veer anti-slavery.
Free-Soil Party Slogan- "Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor, and Free Men." They were opposed to the extension of slavery into the territories.
Barnburners Martin Van Buren's anti-slavery supporters.
Slave Power Free soil party believing this far-fetched conspiracy of the slave holding elite to control both domestic policies for their own end.
Spoils System System that rewarded party loyalist.
Corrupt Bargain When Andrew Jackson appointed Henry Clay as Secretary of Sate and John C Calhoun labeled the whole affair the "Corrupt Bargain".
The Theory of Nullification Voiding of unwelcome federal laws, providing wealthy slaveholders, who were a minority in the United States, with an argument for resisting the national government if it acted contrary to their interest.
Whig Party Formed in 1834. Supported the national bank and also made their first national political appearance in the presidential election of 1836.
Trail of Tears The Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole Native Americans all walked from Georgia to Oklahoma. Thousands of Native Americans died.
Second Party System A system whereby the older Federalist and Democratic-Republican Parties had been replaced by a new Democrats and Whig Parties.
Created by: Nick Shearer