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Palabras Populares

from "Que Onda Vos"

Abonar to make a down payment
Abono Payment every month, down payment
Acolochar(se) to perm your hair
Agarrado(a)/Codo(a) Cheap/Tightwad
Agarre Fling/Affair
Agringarse to become Americanize
Agringado(a) Americanized
Aguinaldo Christmas bonus
Alcagüetón Panderer/lightweight
Amarrarse to tie the knot
Amujerado Sissy
Antojarse to crave
Antojos Cravings
Apodo Nickname
Adientos The runs/Diarrhea
Babosear to waste time/ to hang out/ to pull a fast one or decieve
Baboso Fool (foolish)
¡Barajo! Same to you, but more of it/ I know you are but what am I?
Barriga/ Panza/ Timba Gut/ Belly
Barrigón/ Panzón/ Timbón Beer gut/ Beer-belly
Bastimento Sack lunch/ Bag lunch
Bish Pee-pee
Bocado Poisoned food (generally use to kill animals)
Bolo(a)/ Borracho(a) Drunk
Boquitas Snacks/Appitizers
Bote Jail-house/ the Can
Bravo Pissed off/ Mad/ Ferocious
Brincón(na)/ Pelenero(a) Trouble-maker
Buzo Clever/ Smarty-pants
Cachetazo(a) Slap in the face
Cachito Little bit/ Little while
Cachete Cheek
Calvario Bald
Callejero Person who spends a lot of time in the streets
Canche Blonde or light-haired person
Canícula Indian Summer (a long period w/o rain during normal rainy season)
Cantar to take a poop
Cantina Tavern/ Bar
Capearse to play hooky/ to cut class/ to skip out
Casaca Nonsense/ B.S.
Casaquear to beat around the bush
Casaquero(a) Bullshitter
Casero(a)/ Cashpiano(a) Lover/ Mistress
Casorio Wedding
Catracho(a) Honduran
Cervecear to have a cold one/ to suck some down
Cicle Bike
Cinchacear to whip someone with a belt
Clavos Troubles
Coche(a) Pig
Colarse to crash a party
Colgarse to be hung up on/ to be head over heels in love
Colocho(a) Curly
Comal Metal pan used to cook tortillas
Cómper 'Scuse me
Comedor Cheap "joint to eat at"/ "Greasy Spoon"
Condongo Condom/ Rubber
Conectes Connections/ Influences of a powerful person
Coqueta A tease/ Big flirt
Coquetear T tease/ To flirt
Covacha Hovel/ Shack
Cuaches Twin
Cuate(a) Buddy/ Bud
Cuque Rude name for Guatemalan soldier
Cursiento(a) Said of a person with diarrhea
Chamba/ Chance Job
Chambear to work
Chamuzca Pick-up game
Chance Opportunity
Chaparro(a) Short person
Chapín Guatemalan
Chaqutear/ Culebrear to be a brown-noser/ to kiss-ass
Chaqutero(a)/ Culebra Brown-noser/ Kiss-ass
Chato(a) Said of a person with a small, rounded nose
Chavo(a) Guy/Girl
Chillón(a) Crybaby
Chinear to cradle/ to cuddle (a baby)
Chino(a)/ Niñera Babysitter/ Nanny
Chino(a) Hairless
Chiris(a)/ Ishto(a) Brats
Chivero(a) Cheater
Created by: dukeclw
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