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membrane structure and function

Function of plasma membrane ? - boundary - it only lets in certain ions or substances
Phospholips are amphipathic which means? They are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic
How are proteins arranged to contribute to membrane function? Different proteins convey different properties to each membrane
What are Integral and Peripheral proteins? Integral are inserted within the membrane and Peripheral are attached to membrane surface
Why do proteins attach to cytoskeleton or extracellular fibers? Help give animal cells a stronger framework
What are the different types of proteins found in the cell membrane? - Transport - Enzymatic activity - Signal Transduction -Cell to cell recognition - Attachment to the cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix
How do ions and other polar molecules pass into and out of cells? By way of transport proteins
What determines the direction of traffic across a membrane? Diffusion
What causes diffusion? substances diffuse from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
Why is diffusion spontaneous? the direction of the movement decreases the free energy of the system
Does the diffusion of more than one kind of particle work together or separately? if 2 different solutes are moving then they are moving across separate concentration gradients
What is osmosis? the diffusion of water across a semi-permeable membrane
Since water passes freely across the membrane, how can the cell control the direction of osmosis? The cell can concentrate solutes that are not permeable to the phosholipid bilayer on one side of the membrane
What does hypotonic mean? lower solute concentration
what does hypertonic mean? greater solute concentration
What does Isotonic mean? equal solute concentration
What is water potential? a measurement that combines the effects of solute concentration and pressure
How do Solutes and Pressure affect water potential? - the solute potential of a solution is proportional to the # of dissolved molecules - Pressure potential is the physical pressure on a solution
Do water molecules stop moving in iostonic conditions? No, they continue to diffuse, however there is no net movement
What is facilitated diffusion? Diffusion of solutes with the help of transport proteins
Is facilitated diffusion passive or an active process? Passive, no energy is used
Why do solutes need a protein to facilitate their diffusion? They are too polar to pass through the lipid bilayer
what is membrane potential? the voltage across a membrane
How is membrane potential maintained? An unequal distribution of anions inside the cell to cations outside the cell
what is endocytosis? importing things from outside
what is phagocytosis? endocytosis of large particulate substances
what is pinocytosis? endocytosis of fluid and dissolved solutes
what is exocytosis? dumping of vesicles given off by the golgi body. Insulin from pancreas.
Created by: young kodak