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Teenage Brain 2

The Brain and how it works

Cerebellum Balance and Coordination
Hippocampus Long term memory and emotional responses
Hypothalamus Body Temperature
Medulla-Oblongata Regulates life functions like breathing and heart rate
Pons Sleeping and Dreaming
Thalamus Relaying information from sensory receptors
Left Hemisphere Language, Math Skill, Ability to solve problems
Right Hemisphere Artistic Ability, Musical Skills, Facial Recongnition
Temporal Lobe Hearing
Occipital Lobe Vision
Parietal Lobe Touch
Frontal Lobe Reasoning/Decision Making/Walking/Talking
Role of Neurotransmitters Chemicals that talk to other nerves, sending messages
Dendrites Little tentacles that receive messages
Axon A leg with lots of little feet that stick out and send messages
Nerves talk to each other with electricity and chemicals, or electrochemical processes.
The brain weighs 3 Pounds
Neurons communicate through Electrochemical process
Brain is made up of 100 Billion Neurons
Right and Left hemisphere is connected by Corpus Callosum
Synapses The tiny spaces between 2 neurons in which messages are transferred
Created by: katie_7703