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Eco Evo Exam2(Fig.6)


This biome includes a variety of aquatic habitats. Freshwater wetlands
Swamps contain emergent trees, such as a bald cypress swamp in Reelfoot Lake State Park, Tennessee. This swamp is an example of what biome? Freshwater wetlands
A location near Fairfax, Virginia contains a marsh containing emergent nonwoody vegetation that include cattails. This marsh is an example of what biome? Freshwater wetlands
In northern Wisconsin, the bogs are characterized by acidic waters and plants that are well adapted to the conditions. This bog is an example of what biome? Freshwater wetlands
In Plum Island Sound off the coast of Msassachusetts, you will find salt water and estuaries and nonwoody emergent vegetation. This is an example of what biome? Salt marsh
In a location off the coast of Australia you will find salt-tolerant tress along tropical and subtropical coastlines. This is an example of what biome? What is the area called? Salt water biome; Mangrove swamps
Mangrove swamps contain what type of trees? Salt-tolerant trees along tropical and subtropical coastlines
Where would you find salt-tolerant tress along tropical and subtropical coastlines? In a Mangrove swamp
Where would you find nonwoody emergent vegetation? Freshwater wetlands and salt marshes
The coastal regions around the world that exist between the high tide and the low tide of the oceans are called what? Intertidal zone
The Alaskan coast that produces rocky intertidal habitats are in what biome? Intertidal zone
In French Guiana and around the world you will find muddy coasts producing mudflat habitats. This is an example of what biome? Intertidal zone
The hard exoskeletons of millions of tiny corals form what? Coral reefs
This biome serves as home to an incredible diversity of organisms. Coral reefs
This biome is found off the coast of Bali, Indonesia in shallow, warm waters. Coral reef
Water that is offshore and away from coral reefs is called what? Open ocean
This biome can be broken up into several zones. Open ocean
The interdtidal zone, oceanic zone, benthic zone, and neritic zone are all examples of what biome? Open ocean
What factor largely determines the location of terrestrial biomes? Climate
What two factors set the edges of biome boundaries? Climatic conditions combines with species interactions
True or false. Scientists predict even greater increases in temperature and large changes in precipitation patterns for the twenty-first century. True.
Why are French winemakers suffering, but English winemakers thriving? Warmer growing seasons have caused grapes to ripen 16 days earlier that previously, altering the sugar content and acidity of the grapes.
The shift in winemaking and plants in the genus Banksa in the shrublands of southwestern Australia are examples of what? Changing biome boundaries
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