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Eco Evo Exam 2 (c.6)


Freshwater wetland An aquatic biome that contains standing fresh water, or soils saturated with fresh water for at least part of the year, and which is shallow enough to have emergent vegetation throughout all depths.
Salt marsh A saltwater biome that contains nonwoody emergent vegetation.
Mangrove swamp A biome that occurs along tropical and subtropical coasts, and contains salt-tolerant trees with roots submerged in water.
Intertidal zone A biome consisting of the narrow band of coastline between the levels of high tide and low tide.
Coral reef A marine biome found in warm, shallow waters that remain 20*C year-round.
Neritic zone The ocean zone beyond the range of the lowest tidal level, and which extends to depths of about 200m.
Oceanic zone The ocean zone beyond the neritic zone.
Photic zone The area of the neritic and oceanic zones that contains sufficient light for photosynthesis by algae.
Aphotic zone The area of the neritic and oceanic zones where the water is so deep that sunlight cannot penetrate.
Created by: BriawnaW