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Ainm Bhriathra


ag codladh sleeping
ag titim falling
ag seasamh standing
ag briseadh breaking
ag tógáil building/taking
ag taispeáint showing
ag léim jumping
ag feitheamh waiting
ag tarraingt pulling
ag imirt playing (sports)
ag breathnú watching
ag ní washing
ag glanadh cleaning
ag troid fighting
ag smaoineamh thinking
ag éirí rising
ag siúl walking
ag ól drinking
ag dul amach going out
ag rith running
ag teacht isteach coming in
ag obair working
ag labhairt speaking
ag féachaint looking at
ag caoineadh crying
ag scríobh writing
ag imeacht leaving
ag seinm playing (an instrument)
ag éisteacht listening
ag canadh singing
ag rince dancing
ag súgradh playing (children)
ag léamh reading
ag tosnú starting
ag críochnú finishing
ag gáire laughing
ag feadaíl whistling
ag screadaíl screaming
ag béiceaíl shouting
ag oscailt opening
ag ceangail connecting
ag filleadh returning
ag fanacht waiting/staying
ag ullmhú preparing
ag míniú explaining
ag freagairt answering
ag fiosrú investigating
ag diúltú refusing
ag cuardach searching
ag aimsiú finding
ag aontú agreeing
ag fail báis dying
ag fás growing
ag rá saying
ag breith ar cathcing
a bheith being
ag cloisteáíl hearing
ag déanamh doing/making
ag fáil getting
ag feiceáil seeing
ag ithe eating
ag tabhairt giving
ag teacht coming
ag dul going
ag tnúth le looking forward to
Created by: marygalligan
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