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Eco Evo Exam 2 (c.8)


Life history The scheudle of an organism's growth, development, reproduction, and survival.
Fecundity The number of offspring produced by an organism per reproductive episode.
Parity The number of reproductive episodes an organism experiences.
Parental investment The amount of time and energy given to an offspring by its parents.
Longevity The life span of an organism. Also known as Life Expectancy.
Principle of allocation The observation that when resources are devoted to one body structure, physiological function, or behavior, they cannot be allotted to another.
Coefficient of determination (R^2) An index that tells us how well data fit to a line.
Determinate growth A growth pattern in which an individual does not grow any more once it initiates reproduction.
Indeterminate growth A growth pattern in which an individual continues to grow after it initiates reproduction.
Semelparity When organisms reproduce only once during their life.
Iteroparity When organisms reproduce multiple times during their life.
Annual An organism that has a life span of one year.
Perennial An organism that has a life span of more than one year.
Senescence A gradual decrease in fecundity and an increase in the probability of mortality.
Photoperiod The amount of light that occurs each day.
Created by: Briawna