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Bl 10 ffrindiau

Mae o’n/ hi’n… He/She is…
Mae…yn hoffi__ ….likes___
Mae…yn mwynhau_ …enjoys__
Mae…eisiau__ …wants to__
Dydy….ddim yn hoffi__ ...does not like____
Dydy….ddim yn mwynhau__ ...does not enjoy____
Hoffai… __ …would like to__
o/ fo he
hi she
Aeth...i____ ...went to...
Mae o'n byw yn... He lives in...
Mae hi'n byw yn... She lives in...
Mae ganddo fo... He has...
Mae ganddi hi... she has...
Dw i'n hoffi....achos mae hi'n____ I like....because she is____
Dw i'n hoffi....achos mae oi'n____ I like....because he is____
Aethon ni i... We went to...
Mae ffrind da yno bob amser i chi A good friend is always there for you
Beth wyt ti'n hoffi am dy ffrind(iau)? What do you like about your friend(S)?
Fy ffrind gorau ydy....achos mae o'n/ hin... My best friend is...because he/ she is...
Beth dwyt ti ddim yn hoffi am dy ffrind(iau)? What don't you like about your friend(S)?
Weithiau dw i ddim yn hoffi... Sometimes I don't like...
achos mae o'n/ hi'n gallu bod yn.... because he/ she can be...
swnllyd loud/ noisy
hunanol selfish
gas nasty
bigog quick tempered/ tetchy
afresymol unreasonable
Ar y penwythnos aethon ni i'r sinema On the weekend we went to the sinema