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Odyssey Ch 1-4

Odyssey, Review Ch 1-4

Why do the suitors stay at Penelope and Odysseus' house for years? The suitors want to marry Penelope.
Where does Odysseus, his wife Penelope, and son Telemachus live? Ithaca
Why doesn't Calypso want Odysseus to leave and go home to Ithaca? Calypso is in love with Odysseus even though he is married.
Why does Nausicaa bring Odysseus to her father's palace? In the Greek culture, helping strangers is important, so she will help anyone in need.
Why is Menelaus certain that Odysseus is alive? The Old Man of the Sea told him that Odysseus is alive.
Why hasn't Telemachus sent the suitors away from his home? Telemachus does not want to be rude to his guests.
Why does Telemachus go to see Nestor and Menelaus? Nestor and Menelaus are hoping to hear that Odysseus is still alive.
Why does Telemachus go to see King Nestor, Odysseus' best friend? Telemachus wants to get some help to find his father.
Where is Telemachus going? Telemachus is going to find his father, Odysseus.
Who is Calypso? Calypso is the half goddess who loves Odysseus.
Between chapters 1-4, who hates Odysseus and why? Poseidon hates Odysseus because he blinded his son, the Cyclops (Polyphemus).
Who is Zeus? Zeus is the supreme of all gods
In chapters 1 - 4, who is the goddess that helped Telemachus and Odysseus? Athena often helps Telemachus and Odysseus.
Who attached Odysseus' raft as he was traveling on the Mediterranean Sea? Poseidon attacked Odysseus' raft.
Created by: tobiashersey