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Biology chapter 18

What are the petals correct name? Corolla
What is the correct name of the filament and anther? Stamens
What is the correct name for the ovule ovary styles and stigma? Carpels
What is the correct name for the sepals? Calyx
Charophytes A group of fresh water green algae
Chara are commonly known as ------ because they are encrusted with calcium carbonate deposit Stonewort
Coleochaete Flat like a pancake. but the body is actually composed of long branched filaments of cells.
Chara The body consists of a single file of very long cells anchored in mud by thin filaments
Microphylls Plants with vascular tissue
Plants that have roots, stems and leaves are—— Vascular plants
Megaphylls are Ferns
A seed contains? An embryo and a protective coat
What is the correct name for a flowering plant. (Covered seeds) Angiosperms
Alternation of generations: plants exists in two forms (2n) diploid sporophyte (n) haploid gametophyte
Sporophyte Production of haploid spores by meiosis
Sporangium A structure that produces haploid cells called spores; it develops into a new organism.
Spores In the plant life cycle a spore undergoes mitosis and becomes a gametophyte
Gametophyte Sperm and egg
Plants that receive water and nutrients through diffusion and osmosis directly into the plant body is called what type of plant? Nonvascular plants
Plants that have internal "pipes" that facilitate the movement of water and nutrients throughout the body. Is called what type of plant Vascular plants
What are 3 types of nonvascular plants? 1. Liverworts 2. Hornworts 3. Mosses
What are nonvascular plants collectively called? Bryophytes
True roots, stems and leaves are what type of plant? Vascular plants
Vascular tissue consists of ----- Xylem
What conducts water and minerals up from the roots Xylem
What conducts sucrose from one part of a plant to another? Phloem
The walls of conducting cells in xylem are strengthened by------? Lignin
What is an organic compound that makes them stronger more water proof and resistant to attack by parasites and predators Lignin
First land plants to have vascular tissue Lycophytes
Ferns have ------ called Megaphylls ( large leaves with branched veins)
What are fonds? Ferns megaphylls
What is a pollen grain? Male gametophyte and produces sperm
The female gametophyte which contains the egg is called the----? Ovule
------ occurs when the pollen lands on the female reproductive structure? Pollination
------- occurs when the sperm reaches the egg and they combine to form a diploid zygote Fertilization
Ovule and seeds are exposed on the surface of a cone scale. Often refered to as the "naked seed" Gymnosperm
Plants that bear cones containing the reproductive structure of a plant Conifers
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