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Dance Midterm

adagio slow exercise
allegro fast exercise
barre hand rail
adroite right
agauche left
passe to pass
saute to jump
port de bras movement of the arms
plie bend
echappe to escape
choreographer person that makes up the dances
grand big
changement to change
corps de ballet the group of dancers
au milieu in the center
tete head
cou neck
bras arms
jambe leg
pied foot
un 1
deux 2
trois 3
quatre 4
cinq 5
six six
sept 7
huit 8
neuf 9
dix 10
Name 5 ballets sleeping beauty, nutcracker, giselle, cinderella, romeo and juliet, fire bird, swan lake, coppelia, graduation ball, afternoon of the fawn
Does Margot Fonteyn do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? ballet
Does Rudolph Nureyeve do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? ballet
Does Anna Pavlov do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? ballet
Does George Balanchine do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? ballet
Does Ruby Keehler do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? tap
Does Bill "Bojangles" Robinson do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? tap
Does Fred Astaire do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? tap
Does Ann Miller do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? tap
Does Shirley Temple do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? tap
Does Isabella Duncan do ballet, tap, or modern dancing? modern
Who was the 1st big director of Musicals that wanted "his girls beautiful and shapely?" Busby Berkley
What step do tap dancers need to now, as told to us by Sammy Davis Jr.? time step
Name a famous painter of ballet dancers. Degas
Name some dance fads. Charleston, Break Dancing, Disco
Name 5 dancers and what they danced (tap, ballet, modern) 10 people will be listed on the test.
When were traditional ballets written? 1800s
Who was the first lady of modern dance? Isadora Duncan
A 70s fad dance disco
What role do we know Ray Bolger for? Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz
Fred Astaire's favorite partner? Ginger Rogers
The 1970s ballet idol Anna Pavlova - pretty sure
The answer to the question is Fame Name the big 70s dance movie that started the trend that led to the movies "Flashdance", "Footloose", etc. - possible question
The answer to the question is Red Shoes. What was the "cult classic" ballet movie? - possible question
Name the studio that was famous for having "all the dancing stars" of the 40s and 50s in That's Dancing video. MGM
What is a basic human outlet? dance
The answer to the question is Romeo and Juliet What classic Shakespeare play is "Westside Story" a product of? - possible question
Who danced with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson? Shirley Temple
Who eliminated the bulky costumes in ballet? Jean George Noverre
Who set new trends in ballet? Louis XIV- formed L'Academie Royale de Danse-first ballet company Louis Beauchamp- established rules for ballet
The fad dance of the 20s. Charleston
When was dance condemned by the church? during the dark ages
The answer to the question is traveling minstrels. carried the art of ballet from village to village
The answer to the question is Rebirth of dance renaissance- possible question
What was the dance of the people? folk dance
Who established the rules for ballet? Louis Beauchamp
What are the five forms of dance? ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and acrobatics
What is the difference between eastern and western dance philosophy? Eastern was for the soul or personal use (internal) and western dance was to show off (external)
Who were the first professional dancers? slave girls of egypt
What 3 types of dance is American credited with creating and what type of dance is this called? Jazz, tap, and ballroom - American Vernacular dance (need all 3 words)
Created by: Dance2017



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