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Ch. 2 Science

Cell Structure and Function

In both plant and animal cells, what performs the process of respiration? mitochondria
What is the process called when plant cells make food? photosynthesis
Why is it important for cell division to take place (3 reasons)? replace old cells, growth, and repair
Is it true that the brain controls all organ systems? True
What is the largest organ system? skin
What is a special protein called that is produced by the immune system to fight off viruses? anitbodies
Name the organ system responsible for removing liquid waste. Urinary System
This organ system exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide. Circulatory System
Name the organ system that enables movement and gives support to our body. Musculokeletal
The digestive system provides our body with _________. nutrients
The respiratory systems is responsible for providing our body with ___________________. oxygen
Our endocrine system makes and sends out___________. hormones
The nervous system is located in our ____________. brain
What system feeds information to our brain from our senses? Nervous System
Name the body's 1st line of defense (5 items). wax/mucus, skin/hand washing, acid, tears, saliva
What does your body produce to ward off flu viruses? antibodies
What create tissue? cells
What do tissues create? organs
What do organs create? organ systems
Name the type of disease that may happen if organisms or viruses enter the body uninvited? infectious disease
Name a type of disease that occurs when an organ system does not perform properly. non-infectious disease
What is our 3rd line of defense? immune system
Phagocytes are part of which line of defense? 2nd
Name a 2 types of passive transportation in a cell. diffusion and osmosis
Which type of passive transportation allows water to travel across the cell membrane? osmosis
Concentration in passive transportation goes from low to high or high to low. high to low
Concentration in active transportation goes from low to high or high to low. low to high
Is it true that it requires a lot of energy in osmosis? False
What is the opposite of respiration in a plant cell? photosynthesis
The control center of a cell is called______________. nucleus
Where does photosynthesis occur? chloroplast
What part of the cell surrounds the organelles? cytoplasm
What is the process called that spreads substances through a gas or liquid? diffusion
What are hormones? chemicals sent out by the endocrine system
Process plants go through to make food is.... photosynthesis
What is our 2nd line of defense? inflammation and phagocytes
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