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Bio quizz 2

Phylum Echinodermata include what classes? +Crinoidea +Ophiuroidea +Echinoidea +Asteroidea +Holothuroidea
What are the characteristics of phylum Echinodermata? +Nearly marine organisms +Yound organisms are Bilaterally symmetrical +Adults display a parttern of pentaradial symmetry based on five-point design.
Another characteristics of phylum Echinodermata? +have no brain, head, thus no centralization of nervous control. +They have a nerve ring with nerves radiating around the body +The skin covers endoskeleton composed primarily of calcium carbonate ossicles ( xuong cot)
What is Dermal branchiae? +Allow gas exchange to occur bw the outer seawater and inner coelomic fluid.
Echinoderms have a respiratory system? no, it doesn't
What is fuction of Coelom in phylum Echinodermata? +Circulates gases and nutrients throughout the body.
What is water vascular system? +This system uses seawater to generate hydraulic pressure that powers their tube feet for locomotion and for capturing prey.
Special thing about phylum Echinodermata The only group of animals that possess a water vascular system.
Class Crinoidea includes? +sea lilies, feather stars.
What are the characteristics of class Crinoidea? +Stalk present and attached to aboral surface +Mouth and anus both present on oral surface +Branched with feathery pinnules (phan la nho co long) +Madreporite absent
Class Ophiuroidea includes? Brittle stars
Class Echinoidea includes? +Sea urchins, sand dollars
What are the characteristics of ophiuroidea? +Long, slender arms distinct from central disc +tube feet lack suckers and are not used for locomotion +No ambulacral grooves +madreporite on oral surface (next to the mouth)
What are the characteristics of Echinoidea? +Body spherical or disc-shaped without arms +endoskeletal plates fused (Dinh lai) to form test +Tube feet with suckers +well-developed, movable spines ( gai co the di chuyen)
Class Asteroidea includes? + Sea stars
What are the characteristics of Asteroidea? +Broad arms indistinct from central disc +Tube feet with suckers present in ambulacral grooves +Anus and madreporite present on abdoral surface
Class Holothuroidea includes Sea cucumbers
What are the characteristics? + Body soft and cylindrical( hinh tru) and without arms +spines absent +tube feet with suckers (Voi bu) +mouth surrounded by branching tentacles (Voi nho) +madreporite internal
What phylum does echinoderms share a close evolutionary link to? +Chordates
Evidence for the common ancestry of Echinoderms with Chordates? +can be seen best in embryological( Phoi thai) pathways +Both deuterostomes meaning that their mouths develop from the second embryonic opening +Exhibit indeterminate development +embryonic cells divided by radial cleavage ( su phan chia)
Another things about Deuterostomes compare to Protosome ? + The anus develops from the first embryonic opening
All others bilateral invertebrates ( dong vat khong xuong song ) are protostomes or Deuterostomes? Protostomes
What are the characteristics of Protostomes? +Mouth develops from the first embronic opening + Exhibit determinate development +Embryonic cells divide by spiral cleavage
What are the characteristics of sea lilies? +have the stalk that attaches tit to the ocean floor or reef +small jointed appendages called * cirri* ( encircle the stalk and are used to prop ( chong do) themselves or to move about the ocean floor) +Lack if a madreporite
Continue characteristics of sea lilies +the body wall is composed of an outer layer, Calcareous ossicles, covered by a thin, poorly developed epidermis. +the calyx contains the digestive and reproductive organs. +contains five flexible, highly branched arms with feathery extensions (Pinnules
What is the function pinnules of sea lilies? +contain a sticky muchs (chat nhay dinh) to capture small food .
Where is mouth and anus located in sea lilies (Crinoids)? On oral surface. (surface point upward and away from the stalk
What are the characteristics of brittle stars? +5 long, slender arms with which they rapidly scurry ( chay tron) and readily cast off if grabbed by a predator +The arms are distinctly demarcated ( phan ranh gioi) from the central disc +lack suckers and are not used for locomotion +filter feeders
What are the characteristics of Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars, + have long , rigid, movable spines,for locomotion and defense (Exude toxins) +the ossicles (xuong cot) underneat the epidermis are fused together,forming large plates that constitute the solid, inflexible test.
Continue characteristics of Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars +have very short , velvety ( Muot) spines covered in cilia that allow them to move across the seabed +highly extensible tube feet occur in rows along the body +Small pedicellariae are present for cleaning the surface of parasites and debris(manhvun)
Where does repiration occurs in Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars? + Tiny skin gills (dermal branchiae) located in rows along the body
Sea urchins and sand dollars are dioecious or monoecious ? reproduction? +Dioecious -Sperm or eggs are release through the genital pores on the aboral surface. +fertilization is external in echinoids.
What are the characteristics of sea stars? +the underside of their arms are covered with tube feet, bearing suckers that are used for both locomotion and capture prey, +flattened body shape
What are the characteristics of digestive system in sea stars? +The mouth, located on the oral side, leads through a short esophagus ( thuc quan) to the muscular " cardiac stomach" +Connected to the cardiac stomach is the thin-walled, pyloric stocmach
Continue the characteristics of disgestive system in sea stars? +Passing aborally from the pyloric stomach is a short intestine +attached to the intestine are small, branched , rectal ceca( truc trang) that increase the absorptive surface area of the intestine +Undigestes wastes are eliminated through anus.
Characteristics of reproductive system in sea star? Consists of pairs of gonads ( tuyen sinh duc) housed along the interior, oral surfaces of each arm, underneath the digestive glands. +Dioecious +fertilization is external
What are the characteristics of Sea cucumber? +Cylindrical, soft-bodied, sluggish ( cham chap), filter-feeding +Their tough, leathery epidermis lacks spines, pedicellariae, and dermal branchiae + Lack circulatory sys and use coelomic fluid as the circulatory medium .
Special characteristics of seac cucumber's digestive system? + Contains a muscular pharynx, small stomach, and a greatly elongated intestine leading to annus. +the tube feet are modified into feathery tentacles( For capturing suspended food particles
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