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USIDMS LE Arterial Doppler

In a supine position on a normal patient which is higher, brachial or ankle systolic pressure? ankle
During an exercise stress test if a pressure drop is observed, how often are pressures evaluated and for how long? every two minutes until the pressures return to their pre-exercise state
What level of disease is most likely present if is takes 10 minutes for ABI's to return to a resting state? multi-level disease
What test can be done if a patient is no able to physically perform exercise testing? reactive hyperemia test
Which arterial plethysmography uses pulse volume recording (PVR of VPs)? Air ( Pneumo) plethysmopraphy
During a normal PVR and after the sharp upslope, after that what is the reflected wave in late systole and early diastole known as? dicrotic notch
What three diseases that may mimic claudication? spinal stenosis, herniated disk, osteoarthritis
What are some major risk factors of PVD? diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking
If an AAA is found, what arteries should be examined to see their relation to the AAA? renal arteries
Which type of Doppler velocimetry uses Fast Fourier transform (FFT)? spectral analysis
Created by: hmdant1