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USIDMS Lower Extremity Arterial

What are hemodynamically significant signs of stenosis? Proximal dampened velocities Narrow portion increased velocities Distal spectral broadening Post-stenotic turbulence
What is the most common sign of moderate peripheral arterial disease? Claudication
What are two signs of true cluadication? Relieved when resting Easily reproducible with similar activity
What is blue toe syndrome an example of? Embolism
What site is athersclerotic plaque more commonly found at? Bifurcations or trifercations
What is an infection related aneurysm? Mycotic aneurysm
What must a psueudoaneurysm have? A neck
Narrowing or stricture of the thoracic aorta? Coarctation
Continuous wave Doppler interprets qualitative or quantitative information? Qualitative
___waveforms occur proximal to an obstruction (Short acceleration time) Monophasic
___waveforms occur distal to an obstruction (longer acceleration time) Monophasic
Bladder cuff should be ___% wider than limb diameter. 20%
What is a disadvantage to using the 3 cuff method? cannot get accurate disease location
Created by: anhake