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Bison commonly known as the American buffalo or simply buffalo
Breeding stock a group of animals used for the purpose of planned breeding
Head the upper part of the body used for wall trophy
Hide leather from cattle and other livestock animals used for shoes, clothes, rugs and other fashion accessories
Bison Meat The edible flesh of Bison; low in cholesterol
Breeding age the idea age to breed
Balls one of two small organs that are located in a sack of skin that produce sperm and male hormones used in reproduction
Calves the young of the domestic cow or other bovine animal.
Castration the removal of the testicles of a male animal; bull becomes steer
Catch pen a pen adjacent to a processing area
Cows large female animal that produce calves
Dehorning To remove the horns from males and females mainly for safety reasons
Exotic livestock a rare or unusual animal pet or food source
Gestation length span of time the young is in the developing inside the mother until birth
Market weight ideal weight for butchering
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