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Anatomy Ch 6

The skeletal system

appendicular the portion of the skeleton that consists of the shoulder and pelvic girdles and the bones of the arms and legs
articulation a joint
axial the portion of the skeleton that consists of the skull, vertebral column and rib cage
bursa a sac of synovial fluid that decreases friction between a tendon and a bone
diaphysis the shaft of a long bone
epiphyseal disc a plate of cartilage at the junction of an epiphysis with the diaphysis of a long bone
fontanel an area of fibrous connective tissue membrane between the cranial bones of an infant's skull, where bone formation is not complete
haversian system the structural unit of compact bone, consisting of a central haversian canal surrounded by concentric rings of osteocytes within matrix
ligament a fibrous connective tissue structure that connects bone to bone
ossification the process of bone formation, bone matrix is produced by osteoblasts during the growth or repair of bones
osteoblast a bone-producing cell
osteoclast a bone-destroying cell
paranasal sinus an air cavity in the frontal, maxilla, sphenoid, or ethmoid bones
periosteum the fibrous connective tissue membrane that covers bones
suture a synarthrosis, an immovable joint between cranial or facial bones
symphysis an amphiarthrosis in which a disc of cartilage is found between two bones, as in the vertebral column
synovial fluid a thick, slippery fluid that prevents friction within joint cavities
autoimmune disease a condition in which the immune system produces antibodies to the person's own tissue
bursitis an inflammation of a bursa
fracture a break in a bone
herniated disc rupture of an intervertebral disc
kyphosis an exaggerated thoracic curvature of the vertebral column
lordosis an exaggerated lumbar curvature of the vertebral column
osteoarthritis the inflammation of a join, especially a weight-bearing joint
osteomyelitis inflammation of a bone caused by a pathogenic microorganism
osteoporosis a condition in which bone matrix is lost and not replaced, resulting in weakened bones
rheumatoid arthritis an autoimmune disease characterized by severe inflammation of the joints
rickets a deficiency of vitamin D in children, resulting in poor and abnormal bone growth
scoliosis a lateral curvature of the vertebral column
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