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Terms and Review

patent document that grant on an inventor the right to exclude other from making, using, or selling and invention or other intellectual property during the term of the patent
patent pending the status of an invention between the time, the patent application has been filled and when it is rejected
copyright legal device that protects orignal works of authors
trademark a word, symbols, design, or color that a business uses to identify itself or something it sell
service mark symbol, design, or color that describes a service business
permit legal document giving offical permission to run a business
license certificate that shows you have the necessary education and training to do a job
contract is a binding legal agreement between two or more persons or parties
consideration is what is exchanged for promise
capacity legal ability to enter into a binding agreement
equal opportunity employment commission is the government agency charged with protectiong the right of employees
wrongful termination right of an employee to sue his or her employers for damages if he or she terminated for an unacceptable reason
price duscrimination is the charging of different prices for the same product or service in different market to different customers
unifrom commerical code group of laws that regulates commercial business transaction
bait and switch advertising illegal way of selling that involves advertising products a very low price in order to attract customers
fica when you hire employees you need to deduct certain payroll taxes from their earnings
warranty of merchantability guarantee about about the quality of goods
public domain comprises all intellectual property whose protection has expired
Intellectual property law the group of law that regulates the ownership and uses of creative work
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